We are a Christian Mission serving seafarers arriving on Merseyside Ports.

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Formally established in 1998, Maritime Christian Ministries has provided an evangelistic presence in the docks of Liverpool for over half a century...

Maritime Christian Ministry exists to serve all seafarers arriving on Merseyside docks, through providing pastoral and spiritual care to seafarers of all backgrounds, and by meeting their material needs as appropriate. Ultimately, we exist to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with seafarers everyday.

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Our Mission

“Holding forth the Word of Life.”

Philippians 2:16

          Without the work of Maritime Christian Ministries there will be little to no Evangelical presence in the ports of Liverpool, Garston, and Eastham. This means that we serve as Ambassadors of Christ in preaching the Good News of Salvation to seafarers who arrive on these ports. 

          Think about this: historically, and by nature of their mission, conventional Christian missionaries are sent out to reach the many peoples of the world. In the case of Maritime Christian Ministries, the peoples of the world come to us. 

What a great opportunity to share the gospel! 

What a great blessing to bring seafarers to Christ! 

What a great joy to hold forth the Word of Life!!!

Our Objectives

Without the work of Maritime Christian Ministries, there would be little to no evangelical presence in the Ports of Liverpool, Garston and Eastham. This means that we serve as ambassadors of Christ in preaching the good news of salvation to seafarers who visit these ports. Historically, and by nature of their mission, conventional Christian missionaries are “sent out” to reach the many peoples of the world. In the case of Maritime Christian Ministries, the peoples of the world come to us! What a great opportunity to share the Gospel! We have no excuse, but to humbly heed the call to take the good news of salvation to the peoples of the world who arrive at our doorstep! During the recent lockdowns in the UK, as an essential worker, our Port Chaplain was unhindered in his work to minister to the seafarers.

        We seek to care for all seafarers irrespective of their religious beliefs. In a general sense, the life of a seafarer is marked by loneliness resulting from a physical separation from their families for many months, constant pressure of work and potential physical danger resulting from their nature of work, changing relational dynamics resulting from being with a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural peer group, and a disrupted connection to the outside world resulting from a loss of free access to phone, internet and social media. When moored on a port, the pastoral care of a Chaplain contributes well to the mental and emotional well-being of seafarers.

        For a Christian at sea, the loss of access to a local Church is a loss to their spiritual well-being for many reasons. The Christian at sea does not enjoy the comfort, encouragement, love and discipline of their Church family for many months. Furthermore, if they cannot find a Christian colleague at sea, they cannot find fellowship in prayer, Bible study and basic Christian accountability and vulnerability for discipline. This is where Maritime Christian Ministries come in to equip, resource and disciple these Brothers and Sisters at sea. We give time to fellowship with them, to pray, study the Bible, and in some cases, lead a prayer meeting or a service on a Sunday afternoon. If there were no lockdowns, Christian seafarers could request shore leave to attend a local Church, prayer group, and enjoy hospitality at the Chaplain’s home. During every visit, our Chaplain takes a lot of Bibles and Christian literature to give to Christian seafarers. In recent years, social media has been a great blessing to keep in touch with Christian seafarers and encourage them in their Christian walk and witness at sea.

        While the work of the Ministry has existed for many years, the way in which ship-visiting is done has evolved and changed enormously. Although our Chaplain works alone on a daily basis, he works in line with strict government guidelines alongside other public and private organisations that operate in the maritime industry – such as the Port Police, Coast Guard, other Charities, Welfare and Advocacy groups, etc,. In light of all this, besides the increasing possibility of future lockdowns, we are mindful of constantly reviewing our work to make sure that we are enabled to serve seafarers in the long term.

          Financial support for the Ministry comes from various Churches, Christian groups and individuals, and we are thankful for their continued support through the years. Being generous with our time, effort and talents means that we need to be funded generously and consistently. As a Charity, we are encouraged, humbled and amazed by the ways in which our God provides for His Work.

Our History

Maritime Christian Ministries (MCM) was formally established in 1998 to continue the Christian Witness in the Port of Liverpool. Stan and Irene Sherrington pioneered this ministry when Stan retired from Seaman’s Christian Friend Society (SCFS) on his 65th Birthday. Not wanting to see this work and witness disappear – Stan’s vision was to begin this new work in the Port under the banner of MCM. The work had been long-established over 50 years.

In the July of 2003 Dave and Dot Robertson came into the work from York. Dave originally had come from Liverpool and had previously worked as a volunteer as part of Stan’s ship visiting team back in the late seventies and early eighties. By the time Dave retired from the work towards the end of 2020, he had visited well over 5000 ships. 

Now, Chriswin Raj is appointed as Port Chaplain with MCM. Chriswin is married to Sangeetha and they are based in Liverpool.

MCM, as a registered Charity, is overseen by three Trustees and a Committee of like-minded people who have taken the interests of the work to heart.

Our Chaplain

Chriswin and Sangeetha Raj are based in North Liverpool within two miles of the Port of Liverpool. They are members of Ebenezer Chapel in Walton. Chriswin visits the many crew on cargo ships to provide pastoral care and support. While he serves seafarers of all backgrounds, Chriswin offers fellowship to Christian seafarers. At any given opportunity he shares the good news of Jesus Christ with the crew on board. If possible, as the Port Chaplain, Chriswin will be invited to hold a Bible Study or a Gospel service on board. Taking the crew on shore leave, out for shopping, helping them find medication, a rare tool or some exotic cuisine – all is part of our Chaplain’s ship visiting agenda. Many times, an amazing shore leave reaches its crescendo when Sangeetha hosts dinner at their home. 

Chriswin and Sangeetha are originally from Tamil Nadu, India, and moved to Liverpool after their wedding in December 2019. Sangeetha has a background in Computer Science Engineering and currently works for a bank. She loves shopping around charity stores on Allerton Road and enjoys cooking for people. Chriswin loves Sangeetha’s cooking and enjoys supporting Manchester United. Since 2008, Chriswin pursued academic interests at the University of Manchester – moving from a career in Immunology to Theology. He is currently writing up a Doctoral Thesis in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Chester.