So Help us God!

Why do elected officials all over the world tend to add the phrase “so help me God” at the end of their oath? When I was young and naive, I thought all elected officials everywhere were Christians. Modern sociologists interpret the idea as a spoken word of reassurance of the oath itself, or as the candidate’s public confession of how seriously they consider their new office. Well, here I am – Chriswin – the new Port Chap­lain with Maritime Christian ministries, with Sangeetha, my wife. The weight of the work ahead of us seems a bit heavier than we had imagined – not because we see a hercu­lean task looming large, but because we have now certainly seen the legacy of my prede­cessor. Dave and Dot Robert­son have left for us incredibly large boots to fill in! And we say that with the utmost love and respect for them and the amazing work they have done among seafarers through these many years. Our hope and assurance is that when God has called us, He will surely equip us for every good work, just as He did for Broth­er Dave and Sister Dot. And we understand that we need to faithfully seek God in prayer as we step into this role. And we say ever more so loudly, “so help us God!”

what you have heard from me … entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.


Over the last month, I enjoyed being inducted into the role by Brother Dave. We had wonderful conversa­tions with seafarers, enjoyed amazing sites of the waters, laughed a lot as we drove to places, and experienced the mandate of 2 Timothy 2:2. I was privileged to be at the receiving end of this blessing and inheritance. Just before the national lockdown in the UK, we were able to visit a number of ships together. I witnessed Brother Dave and his friend Mr Ayuba reunite (socially distanced) after years since he first ministered to Mr Ayuba on board the same ship. We were happily welcomed on board another ship by an officer – Mr Lurits – who was celebrating his birthday then. We saw how the eyes of seafarers lit up when they were freely offered knitted hats and chest warmers along with gospel literature and Bibles. Our continual prayer is that their souls may be set alight by the Word of God as they read them, and that the Spirit of God may fill the sails of their heart and guide them to eternal peace with God the Father! Amen!